A Collective of Independent Designers supplying the toughest parts for FGFS

Furthering the availability of specific Fixed Freestyle components from all Rider Owned companies for all riders WORLDWIDE.

Fixed Gear FreeStyle

No Brakes No Gears No Pedal Rest

Fixed Gear FreeStyle (FGFS) is in its' nature is harsh on the components it uses since most of them derive from BMX.

Forward or Backward Only

Awareness and the ability to negotiate the distance to the ledge and grind or ramp and fly your feet must be in the "sweet spot" of the rotation to dial in the power and precision it takes to land the stunt perfectly.

Niche Sport with Dedicated Riders and Rider Owned Distribution

To get the nontransferable BMX parts for your FGFS, WORLDisFIXED aims to be the central location to contact and order those parts you need. Hopefully with free shipping worldwide....we'll see. Stay Tuned.

Lasting Wear and Tear is Our Network.

Materials that will only stand the test of repetitive bashing and thrashing, throughout the "air time" that FGFS takes to completely land the stunt; are the only resources used in our production. Metals in USA and plastics in Asia. Best of the Best. None of the Rest. 

SF Local

Out in SF almost everyday! The city is our gym for repetitions and trick expansion. SF is our jungle gym for training and we wouldn't have in any other way. A hub for original Distance/Speed Fixed Gears, San Francisco has always been a west coast center for skating and BMX so it's only natural that the progression of the choreographed, no brake pedal set take forefront in the city by the bay.

Adventures in Pedal Setting

We as a team are always down to tackle new obstacles, especially ones that would require a heightened awareness due to the fact that there are no brakes and no pedal resting while riding these bikes. In addition to attempting BMX street tricks in a freestyle fashion we are obsessed with having to place the pedals in the exact spot on the ground to complete the stunt with perfect momentum.